What is FIDESUR?

The 2050 Trust Fund for the Regional Development of the South Southeast (FIDESUR) is an investment instrument and source of payment constituted by the governments of the nine states that are part of the South Southeast region. Its contract was formally signed on December 7, 2001, with Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Públicos, S. N. C. [National Bank of Public Works and Services] (BANOBRAS) as trustee.

Its purpose, among others, is the administration of resources intended to promote and channel support for studies and projects for the development of the region. The central purpose of FIDESUR is to contribute to the construction of a shared regional vision by the states and to define a strategy for the integral development of the region..

The chances of regional development success are based on the coordinated action of local governments, public, private and social institutions to identify opportunity areas that require the sum of the different states to find a solution within and for the region.

The promotion of regional development combines a dynamic of interstate planning and management, to strengthen the instruments of development planning and to carry out actions where the union of efforts and resources between states and the Federation can generate more effective results.

Since the beginning of operations, in 2002 and to date, FIDESUR has worked in 6 areas of regional management:

  1. Regional planning processes.
  2. Regional coordination: promotion of thematic working groups and sectoral committees.
  3. Pre-investment studies promotion.
  4. Competence development and improvement of investment management and planning: strengthening capacity to raise the quality and efficiency of state public investment in the South Southeast region, through trainings and advisory services to governments in the region.
  5. Promotion of Public-Private Partnerships: financing strategy and promotion of investments for the development of public goods and services, in the face of restrictions in the public budget assigned to social investment.
  6. Encourage regional public action initiatives promoted by the South Southeast Commission of CONAGO, to consolidate and strengthen a regional coordination agenda for the development of the South Southeast, via regional impact projects and cross-related issues.

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