Regional development, plans and studies

Since the beginning of its work, FIDESUR has promoted and participated in several planning exercises for the South Southeast regional development.
See: overview of regional planning instruments.

The most recent instrument guiding FIDESUR's actions is the National Strategy for the Development of the South Southeast Region, promoted and approved in August 2014 by CONAGO's Executive Commission for the Integral Development of the South Southeast. The National Development Strategy of the South Southeast Region sets as its strategic objective to set up a regional organization for inter-state and intergovernmental coordination to strengthen an integrated development vision of the South Southeast region. It is conceived as a reference framework for the identification, articulation and prioritization of regional projects that can be promoted jointly by state governments, and in coordination with the federal government.

La estrategia nacional
persigue dos fines u objetivos generales:

  • 1ero: reducir el rezago en materia de crecimiento económico y de desarrollo humano del Sur Sureste, mediante el impulso de su inserción en el contexto nacional y global.
  • 2do: impulsar el desarrollo integral de la región.

La Estrategia Regional
se estructura en torno a 6 ejes temáticos:

  1. Desarrollo económico y competitividad.
  2. Inclusión social del desarrollo.
  3. Sustentabilidad ambiental del desarrollo.
  4. Desarrollo urbano integrado.
  5. Desarrollo rural integrado.
  6. Infraestructura de enlaces territoriales.

It also identifies the sub-regions of the Gulf of Mexico Coast, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Pacific Coast, Center-South, Gulf-South and Yucatan Peninsula, as shown below:

The National Development Strategy for the South Southeast Region defines strategic guidelines for each of the six thematic areas and for each of the six sub-regions. These guidelines are discussed, enriched and adopted within each of the subjects mentioned above and sub-regional groups.
Below are the regional planning instruments for South Southeast Mexico that have been developed from 2004 to date, starting with the most recent:
Regional planning instruments for South Southeast Mexico

  • 2014 National Strategy for the Development of the South Southeast Region
  • 2014 Regional Innovation Agenda for the South Southeast region
  • 2014 Proposed synthesis Development Strategy
  • 2014 Diagnosis and elaboration of a Development Strategy for the South Southeast Region of Mexico
  • 2013 National System of Logistics Platforms
  • 2010 Pre-Feasibility Study for Logistic Corridors on the Southern Border
  • 2004 Competitiveness Report of South Southeast Mexico: Strategies for Regional Development

Instrumentos de planeación regional del Sur Sureste de México