Regional projects
in which FIDESUR participates

The promotion of regional development combines a dynamic of interstate planning and management, in such a way that development planning instruments are strengthened and actions are carried out where the combination of efforts and resources between the states and the federation generate more effective results from the regional coordination.
FIDESUR currently working on the implementation of 6 regional joint action initiatives promoted by the Commission for the Integral Development of the South Southeast region:

  1. Regional Strategy for the attraction of Productive Investment and Insertion of local economies in Global Value Chains.
  2. Promotion of short sea shipping services in selected ports of the South Southeast.
  3. Strategy for the recovery and development of the coffee growing areas of the South Southeast.
  4. Regional strategy for adaptation to climate change.
  5. Integrated packages of interurban link infrastructure projects and rural-urban integration.
  6. Regional promotion of sustainable tourism.
Since its creation, the trust has channeled state and federal resources to carry out pre-investment projects and studies. i. See: Consult bank of projects of the South Southeast region executed / financed through FIDESUR.